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Tim Talks- Thoughts From The 2023 Special Bargaining Convention

Communication is the key to building a membership that is educated, motivated, and activated. In Region 8, it is our goal to keep our members informed on the most current events and issues that affect UAW members and their families despite the large geographic area our region covers.

Covering 17 states can make speedy communication a difficult task, and we believe in using all tools available to us. This website is just one more way to provide information for our members regarding the obstacles we face as we build this movement.

Being Region 8 Director involves a lot of things, but my favorite is traveling to our local unions and getting to talk to our members. Our members turn the wheels that make this great country go, they build the communities and raise the families that will continue to carry the middle class and organized labor into the future.

This year we are entering into contract negotiations with many of our larger employers. It is our members who have placed these companies in the competitive positions they are in, and their work and dedication must be recognized and rewarded. Stay tuned to this page for updates and thoughts as we enter this round of bargaining.

This site is not an official UAW communication, nor is it intended to be. It is the personal page of UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith and is maintained and paid for by Tim Smith. No UAW resources were used in the development of this communication. Titles are given for identification purposes only.