April 24, 2024
Region 8 Retirees Welcome VW Workers to the UAW!

April 22, 2204






I am Tim Smith,UAW Region 8 Director and this is my personal communication page. Region 8 represents over 200,000 active and retired United Auto Workers across 18 states across the southern portion of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

Covering that much area can be a daunting task, but we in the UAW are resilient. Our official page is uawregion8.org, which presents news and events for our members. It is my hope this page will compliment that page and provide addition information for our members.

I will share news from our region, photos of the membership, my schedule (I would love to meet members as I travel across the region) and news from the industries our members work for.

For me it is both an honor and a privilege to serve this membership every day.  I am so pleased you took the time to look at my page and hopefully you will find useful information here!

In Solidarity,

UAW Region 8 Director
Tim Smith

June 14, 2024
Region 8 And Kentucky State Cap Sponsors Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch
June 13, 2024
Local 129 Support American Airlines Flight Attendants
June 12, 2024
UAW Leadership Visit Local 42
June 11, 2024
Bargaining Begins At Local 2750

June 4, 2024
Local 2069 Participate In Run To The Wall Ceremony
Local 2195 June Meeting Planned
June 2, 2024
Strike is OVER! Local 286 Ratifies Agreement
May 31, 2024
Local 286 members on strike at Penske Logistics in El Paso TX
May 29, 2024
UAW Workers Walk Out at Penske Logistics in El Paso after Company’s Refusal to Bargain in Good Faith
May 24, 2024
Local 2069 Participates In
Standing Committee Institute At Black Lake
May 22, 2024
Keeping Memorial Day a Day of Remembrance
May 21, 2024
Alabama Governor Ivey Says “Alabama Isn’t Michigan”
In Attack On Unions
May 17, 2024
Statement From UAW President Shawn Fain
On Mercedes Alabama Vote
May 15, 2024
Local 1639 Enters Week Two of Bargaining

GM Subcouncil Meeting

May 10, 2024
Local 1956 Enters Into Contract Talks

Local 3058 Begin Contract Talks

May 8, 2024
Excellence -Your Name Is John Davis
May Edition of the Local 2164 Assembler
May 6, 2024
UAW Region 8 Takes Home Five Prizes At the 2024 LUCA Awards
May 03, 2024
Local 2195 May Retiree Chapter Meeting Planned
May 1, 2024
Details of UAW’s Historic Tentative Agreement!
UAW SWFL Retiree Council News
April 27, 2024
UAW Reaches Historic Tentative Agreement
with Daimler Truck

Daimler Victory Rally

April 26, 2024
Worker Memorial Day 2024

UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference Day Three

April 23, 2024
Workers At Volkswagen Vote For Union Representation

UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference

April 19, 2024
In Historic Breakthrough, Volkswagen Workers Become First Southern Autoworkers to Win Their Union

Voting At Volkswagen Ends Today
Thank You To Ashley Lewis
National Advisory Council on Civil and Human Rights Meeting

April 16, 2024
UAW Releases New Video, “Leftover Money,” on Daimler’s Shameless Profit-hoarding as Workers Prepare to Stand Up

April 11, 2024
Day Three Of the Region 8 Leadership Meeting

DNTA Council At the Bargaining Table

April 10, 2024
Day Two Of The Region 8
Leadership Conference
April 9, 2024
Day One of the Region 8
Leadership Conference

State of Georgia Recognizes Retired
Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith




Detroit Free Press

GM lowers EV production targets amid slow demand, says EVs will show 'variable profit'

UAW reaches deal with Daimler Truck as contract deadline nears

Rolling Stone

Biden Congratulates Tennessee Auto Plant on Historic Unionization Drive

Detroit Free Press

UAW scores historic landslide victory to unionize the first foreign automaker in the US

The UAW could make history in the next 72 hours as VW workers vote on union

GM faces 2nd lawsuit over driver data collection without consent

Detroit automakers work to reroute exports and parts after Baltimore bridge collapse

UAW takes action to hold a vote to unionize Volkswagen plant in Tennessee

New Stellantis executive in charge of North America focusing on dealers in EV transition

UAW to support autoworkers in Mexico to strengthen cross-border solidarity

UAW board OKs $40M to organize nonunion plants, battery workers

Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama announce campaign to join UAW

Judge dismisses Marshall lawsuit aimed at derailing Ford EV battery plant

Detroit News

Senators urge non-union automakers to stay neutral in UAW efforts at plants














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