I am Tim Smith,UAW Region 8 Director and this is my personal communication page. Region 8 represents over 200,000 active and retired United Auto Workers across 18 states across the southern portion of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

Covering that much area can be a daunting task, but we in the UAW are resilient. Our official page is uawregion8.org, which presents news and events for our members. It is my hope this page will compliment that page and provide addition information for our members.

I will share news from our region, photos of the membership, my schedule (I would love to meet members as I travel across the region) and news from the industries our members work for.

For me it is both an honor and a privilege to serve this membership every day.  I am so pleased you took the time to look at my page and hopefully you will find useful information here!

In Solidarity,

UAW Region 8 Director
Tim Smith

March 1, 2024
Negotiations Underway At
UAW Local 3520
February 29, 2024
Not Like It Used To Be-
Daimler Truck Workers Gear Up for Historic Contract Fight
February 27, 2024
UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting March 12, 2024
Kentucky Joins the 28 States Working to Roll Back Child Labor Laws
February 19, 2024
UAW Local 3520 February Newsletter
February 1, 2024
Hyundai Can’t Wait- Alabama Autoworkers Unionizing
January 31, 2024
UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting February 13, 2024

Local 2164 Newsletter
January 30, 2024
Fire Fighters Vote To Join Local 967
January 29, 2024
UAW President Shawn Fain on CNN
January 25, 2024
Day Three of the National CAP Conference
(thanks to Todd Horton of UAW Local 1853 and Kasey King of UAW Local 2164 for the photos)



Detroit Free Press

UAW board OKs $40M to organize nonunion plants, battery workers

Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama announce campaign to join UAW

Judge dismisses Marshall lawsuit aimed at derailing Ford EV battery plant

Detroit News

Senators urge non-union automakers to stay neutral in UAW efforts at plants











Jan 24 2024
UAW Endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States

January 23, 2024
National CAP Conference Day Two

January 22, 2024
National CAP Conference Begins

January 16, 2024
Local 3520 Newsletter

January 10, 2024

Remembering Dr. King –
Buried in Birmingham:
A Legacy of Hate and The Slaughter of Innocents

30% Of Mercedes-Benz Workers In Alabama Sign Union Cards

December 18, 2023
Holiday Message From Region 8 Director Tim Smith

December 11, 2023
Workers at Honda, Hyundai and VW Stand Up to Management Intimidation, File Unfair Labor Practice Charges; UAW President Fain to Address Union-Busting on Facebook Live Tonight, 5 p.m. ET

Obituary and Service for Ray Davis

December 10, 2023
UAW Retired Workers Advisory Council Member Ray Davis Passes
December 9, 2024
Get Your Region 8 Shirts For Christmas Presents!
December 7, 2023
Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Launch Public Campaign to Join UAW with Over 1,000 Workers Signed Up
December 6, 2024
Spring Hill Temps Transition
December 4, 2023
2024 UAW Region 8 Schedule




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