My favorite part of my job is traveling around Region 8 and meeting our members. It is the people who make this region go. Our folks provide the services, build the goods, protect the misfortunate and stand for justice across 21 states.  Check back for updates or where I will be and don’t hesitate and stop by and let’s chat!

Tim's Calendar



March 18-22, 2024 UAW Region 8 Spring CAP Meeting
April 7 –12, 2024 UAW Region 8 Leadership Conference
April 21 –26, 2024 UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference
June 23-28, 2024
UAW Region 8 Summer School

August 11-16, 2024

UAW Region 8 Standing Committees Conference

October 20-24, 2023

UAW Region 8 Active & Retired Staff
St. Pete Beach, FL

March 26-30

Special Bargaining Convention
Detroit, Michigan

April 16-20

Region 8 Spring CAP
Louisville, Kentucky

May 8-12

Region 8 Retiree Conference
St. Pete, Florida

May 17-19

Visit to Locals 5286, 3520, 2404 and 5285

June 25-30

Region 8 Summer School
St. Pete, Florida

August 28-September 1

Region 8 Standing Committee Conference
St. Pete, Florida

October 16-20

Active and Retired Staff Meeting
St. Pete, Florida








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